Highway kings pro themed online slot game review

Highway kings pro themed online slot game review

A trucker-themed online slot game which is created by PlayTech. PlayTech is one of the largest online games designers. It might not be perfect for everyone in terms of its theme but anyhow if a person loves highways and trucks this game would be his cup of tea. Highway kings pro themed online slot game review it is the second highway and trucks related game in the franchise of truck games by PlayTech. The simple Highway kings are the first one before this.

Highway kings pro themed online slot game review

This slot machine consists of 5 reels and 9 pay lines just like most of the best slot game by PlayTech. The offered coin values in this game start from $0.01 rising up to $5 at each coin. It is completely up to the player that how many coins does he want to wager at each line but for this the line bet button should be clicked. The activation or deactivation of the lines could be done by the lines buttons at the screen bottom. There is a variety of icons in the slot machine game all related to trucks and highways. Some of the small paying icons are tyre, steering wheel,trucker’s cap, dice and other truck parts. However, the high paying icons consist of a petrol station, red, yellow and green trucks. The icon of petrol station pays out the highest which is 5000 coins if five stations are struck.

Highway kings pro themed online slot game review
Highway kings pro themed online slot game review

Bonus in this slot game

A scatter icon in this slot machine game is represented by a sexy lady wearing red and a hat at a head. If the player consumes three scatter wins in slot symbols at a pay line, he will get an earnout of five coins bag. On reels 1 and 5 a chequered flag appears, a truck racing bonus could be triggered if it appears at both. In the bonus round, free spins and multipliers are offered to the player which could be accumulated after the bonus round is over.

The wild icons in the game

A wild symbol in highway kings pro is represented as a big trucker usually. For any other icon(except for the scatter icons and bonus icons), this wild symbol could substitute itself. The wild icon always substitutes itself with the highest paying symbol. This symbol does not offer any bonus and multiplier and only shows up at 2, 3 and 4 reels.

Bonus of the truck racing

A player can choose from three trucks which are red, green and yellow, in the bonus round. The slot game player will be offered with some slot game free spins after which the truck will race which finally would decide the number of multipliers the player could get during the free spins. Remember the free spins could be consumed after the bonus round.

Jackpots of the highway king pro

The amount of jackpot which a player could win in the highway kings pro is 10000 coins. The player could get this by consuming five red trucks appearing at the winning pay lines. If the player matches four of the red truck symbols he would get 500 coins. This slot game has a non-progressive jackpot.

Other information at the Highway kings pro

Truck lovers could enjoy the benefit of this slot playing in both directions. In addition to that, it has 97.06% payout percentage which is huge. The players should be very careful about not confusing highway kings pro with the simple highway kings. Although the older game has a similar number of reels and pay lines and similar minimum or maximum betting strategies, however, it did not contain any bonus features. The theme and graphics were not very cool either. It used to have those simple dollar balls features. This slot by PlayTech does not have any sort of annoying loud music. The background audio is soft enough to not distribute the player’s concentration. With all its goodness, it is not important that the game will be enjoyable for the evry player. There must be some players which would find this game uncatchy. However, the game is extremely brilliant with perfect graphics and themes in latest design.

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